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Gayle Ross and Chuck Ross

Let Us Help You Navigate the 3 Phases of Business Ownership...


1. Launch

2. Grow

3. Exit

We're a Different Kind of Business Advisor


Our entrepreneur journey started with a vision to build something from an idea, a good plan, and a few dollars and led to our creating and selling several successful businesses over our career. We now have a new vision to serve the needs of 21st century business owners.


Looking back, you could say our past businesses could be seen as a book, with a Forward, an Introduction, and several exciting chapters telling the story of our entrepreneurial journey.  Some of those chapters could easily be named, Cash Flow Not Flowing, Frozen in Fear, “They did What?”  However, through God’s Grace, wonderful support from family and friends, and shear grit and determination, we made it. We overcame difficulties, landed on our feet, and found our next level of success.


The experience made us stronger, wiser, and gave us a mission to serve the needs of business owners as advisors and guides as they move forward through the challenges and opportunities of business ownership. We are driven to help business owners plan for the things that can be controlled and prepare for those that cannot.

Chuck Ross

Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in manufacturing excellence, process improvement and business development. In his previous position as co-founder and owner of an architectural woodworking firm, Chuck gained first-hand knowledge of what it takes to launch, grow, and determine the best exit strategy to take business owners into the second phase of life.


Gayle Ross

As a Principal and Founder of Ross Business Solutions, Gayle is dedicated to fully understanding the needs and desires of her clients, working closely with them to achieve their financial goals and pursue their life mission. Her caring heart and incredible passion for helping others sets her apart and aids in finding unique solutions to best fit her clients’ needs.

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