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1. Launching Your New Business…


the first step in building wealth and financial independence


Proven Strategies for a Successful Launch


It all begins with a dream. For many, going into business for themselves means a path for financial freedom and independence, as well as being able to live life on their terms. It’s accomplished through bringing an idea to life, pursuing the passion, and building a great company.


Tom Watson, the founder of IBM, once said that for IBM to become a great company, it would have to act like a great company long before it ever became one.  “Every day at IBM was a day devoted to business development, not doing business.”  The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber.


Being great at your craft, although important, doesn’t guarantee a successful business. Ross Business Solutions is devoted to working along-side you to develop a laser-focus on the business side of your business by guiding you through the process of determining how your business looks, acts, and  does what it is intended to do.  Whether you are a solopreneur starting a new company or an established firm expanding into a new market, product or service, Ross Business Solutions has the experience and the expertise to guide you through to success.

Take the High Performance Business Survey

Fast: Survey can be completed in less than 7 minutes

Easy: Answer the questions and get your score instantly

Informative: Get a detailed report to find out if your business is on track to success

We Can Help You...

Know Your Numbers

Personal and business financial assessments


Develop Your Business Plan

Create your roadmap and establishing a foundation for success


Craft Your People Strategy

Know when it makes sense to bring on employees

Acquire Capital

Assess, market, and find funds to grow your business

Develop your Marketing Strategy

Reach your ideal customer even when resources are limited

Provide a Risk Management Assessment

Prepare for the what-ifs and unexpected happenings in life


Review and Assess Your Business Plan

Assess, modify, and monitor the numbers and other critical assumptions


Develop Internal Systems Strategy

Systematize processes to gain maximum efficiency, repeatable standards, and exceptional experiences

Hone Your Business Strategy

Building your business with the end in mind – knowing your purpose and developing plan to get there

Contact us today for a free consultation and a Comprehensive Launch Strategy proposal

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