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3. Transitioning Your Business…


Determining the right strategy and the right timing


Harvest the Value of Your Business

Many business owners spend years starting and developing their business, but often receive only a fraction of what the business is actually worth when they transition or sell. A strong exit strategy is the key to harvesting the true value of your business.

Our Team of Experts Guide You Every Step of the Way

The Ross Business Solutions Team is here to guide you and simplify the complicated and ever-changing process of Exit Planning. Through our experience and expertise, as well as our strategic partners, we help you create the exit strategy that is best for you and your family so you can maximize your wealth or income, give your next generation the best chance for success, and exit in the manner you wish.


  • Control how and when to exit

  • Maximize company value in good times and bad

  • Minimize, defer, or eliminate capital gains taxes

  • Retain control by generating a number of strategic exit options

  • Ensure they achieve all their business and personal goals

  • Reduce their stress and that of their employees and families

  • Ensure continuity of the business

  • Design a simple roadmap for your personal and professional wealth goals

Take the Personal Owner Readiness Survey 

Fast: Survey can be completed in less than 3 minutes

Easy: Answer the questions and get your score instantly

Informative: Get a detailed report to find out how ready you are to transition as it relates you’re your personal, financial, and business preparedness

Whether you plan on transitioning in the next few months or the next few years, our team of advisors can help simplify the complexities of transitioning, reduce the fear and anxiety, and provide a simple road map specifically designed to help you reach your personal, lifestyle, and professional wealth goals.

We Can Help You...

Assess Your Enterprise Value

Determine personal, business, and financial goals, business value and create strategic plan


Determine Your Exit Readiness

Assess how ready you and your business are to sell or transition


Prepare for Your Transition

Assess and Preparing Documents necessary to complete transition or sale

Design a Contingency Plan and Risk Assessment

Define areas of risk that can be transferred or eliminated

Determine Your Personal Owner Readiness

Assess your plan for life after business, including health, interests, and activities that keep you inspired and passionate without the business


Analyze Your Business Attractiveness

Determine those areas that position the business as a low risk, high value entity from an outsider perspective


Develop Your Advisory Team

Develop and lead your current team of consultants and advisors as you prepare yourself, your family, and your business for exit


Assess Your Personal Wealth Readiness

Assess and assist with taxes, estate planning, and philanthropy goals and wishes

Contact us today for a free consultation and a Comprehensive Exit Strategy proposal

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