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2. Growing Your 



the importance of having a growth acceleration strategy


Grow and Build Wealth at Every Stage of Your Business


We help business owners grow their business and build wealth. Our passion is to ensure you are building your business in a way that maximizes value so you and your family get rewarded for everything you put into it and you are able to convert ownership into personal financial freedom and peace of mind.


We believe in building your wealth through Value Acceleration in your business. Whether your goal is to increase your income while growing your business, entice investors for expansion, or prepare for your transition strategy, the team at Ross Business Solutions has been trained as MBA’s, Certified Exit Planning Advisors®, and Value Max Advisors™ to tailor strategies so you can earn more income now and take your business to the next level.



The Ross Business Solutions Value Acceleration Plan

Using the Value Acceleration Methodology, a proven 3-stage process, the Ross Business Solutions team will not only help your business experience improved profitability and market share, but also position you for exit and/or transition when the opportunity presents itself.

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Informative: Get a detailed report to find areas you can accelerate to improve value and profitability

Stage 1: Discovery

Determining a baseline measurement is a critical first step in gaining an understanding of you and your business, both inside and out. We align your financial, personal, and business goals, determine a range of value for your business, and develop a prioritized action plan and timetables.


Stage 2: Development

A plan serves no purpose unless it is executed. During the Development stage, Ross Business Solutions will guide and prepare you and your internal and external team through the implementation of 3-5 personal goals and 3-5 business goals. The 90-day action plans or “sprints” will allow you to improve daily operations, drive growth and increase the value of your company.


Stage 3: Decision

While the objective may not be to sell or transition your business for some time in the future, opportunities present themselves to companies that are best in class in their industry. During this stage, owners have the option to continue their upward trajectory of value and growth or consider transitioning their business.

We Can Help You...

Develop Your Personal Family Strategic Roadmap

Assess values, vision, and purpose, prepare financial assessment, and set goals for life after business


Conduct a Gap Analysis

Determine areas to improve business value by examining, profit, value, and wealth gap

Execute a Financial Analysis

Analyze and establish key performance indicators, industry ratios, and KPI’s to monitor and assist in growth acceleration


Conduct an Expense Reduction and Tax Incentive Review

Locate operations inefficiencies, as well as federal and state tax incentives

Execute Your Needs Analysis

Define business goals, uncovering pain points, and developing action plans


Develop a Contingency Planning & Risk Assessment

Define areas of risk that can be transferred or eliminated


Assess Your Business Attractiveness

Determine those areas that position the business as a low risk, high value entity from an outsider perspective


Determine Key Person Retention and Recruitment Opportunities

Identify opportunities to retain and recruit key personnel to improve operations and reduce owner dependency

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